UCLA Anderson Forecast presents
  Special Topic: The 21st Century Workforce: Turning Robots into Helpers, Not Competitors of our Youth
  Executive Dining Room, UCLA Anderson School
Thursday, September 12, 2013
7:30am - 11:30am

  (Registration from 7:30am to 8:30am)
  The struggle between older Americans and our youth over Medicare is a complete mismatch, but did you know that the employment to population ratio of older workers each year is setting a new record high, while the employment to population ratio for our youth each year is setting record lows? Is that because the elderly are taking the jobs as greeters at Walmart and clerks at McDonald's that might otherwise go to teenagers? Not so much. The competition for jobs is not coming from the elderly, but from robots and microprocessors, that do just what they are told to do, over and over, and work for way below the minimum wage. To get decent jobs, our children need to do things these robots cannot do. What is that now? And what will that be in the decades ahead?

  Tentative Agenda
Welcome and Introductions
National and State Outlook
  • Will GDP growth rebound from the sub-2% rates of the past three quarters?
  • Will higher mortgage rates choke off the housing recovery?
  • When will the unemployment rate get to 6.5%?
  • Will the Fed start to "taper" in September?
  • How strong will the recovery in housing be? How long will it last?
  • Is California still leading the nation in job growth?
  • Will housing prices continue to soar?
  • Why is L.A.'s economic recovery falling behind?
  • Why do L.A.’s workforce and human capital level trail other cities?
  • As a city, how can L.A. be more competitive in the globalized economy of the 21st century?
Keynote Address and Workforce Discussion Panel
Wrap-Up and Closing
  Price: $195
4 Seat Block: $700
  Important: Registration closes 11:59pm, 9/10/2013
  Keynote Speakers:
  Leslie Aaronson, Foshay Learning Center Lead Teacher, recipient of 2012/13 LAUSD Teacher of the Year Award, author of “How do we get students ready for the jobs of the future"
  Edward Leamer
  Edward Leamer, Director, UCLA Anderson Forecast
  David Shulman, Senior Economist, UCLA Anderson Forecast
  Jerry Nickelsburg, Senior Economist, UCLA Anderson Forecast, Adjunct Professor of Economics, UCLA Anderson School
  William Yu, Economist, UCLA Anderson Forecast
  Mike McGalliard, Executive Director, Imagination Foundation
  Adam Miller, CEO, Cornerstone OnDemand
  David Lewin, Neil H. Jacoby Professor of Management, Human Resources & Organizational Behavior UCLA Anderson School of Management

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