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Allen Matkins/UCLA Anderson Forecast California Commercial Real Estate Survey

Quote of the day

There are two things you are better off not watching in the making: sausages and econometric estimates.

Edward Leamer

The Anderson School at UCLA

June 2014 Economic Outlook

April 2014 Economic Outlook
Following Harsh Winter in the East and Drought in the West, UCLA Anderson Forecast Predicts Employment Growth in U.S. and California

Los Angeles, April 2, 2014 -- In its first quarterly report of 2014, the UCLA Anderson Forecast asserts that the harsh winter weather that ravaged much of the country caused slower than expected national growth in the first quarter of the year. However, the economy should rebound in the spring.

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Winter/Spring 2014 Commercial Real Estate Survey Results
Allen Matkins/UCLA Anderson Forecast California Commercial Real Estate Survey Sees Surge in Develper Optimism
Supply and demand in most sectors reaching equilibrium; Industrial space the exception

Los Angeles, January 29, 2014 – The latest Allen Matkins/UCLA Anderson Forecast Commercial Real Estate Survey signals continued optimism among developers – a slight increase in confidence across commercial real estate submarkets since the survey was last conducted in June 2013. The biannual survey projects a three-year-ahead outlook for the state's commercial real estate industry and forecasts potential opportunities and challenges affecting office, industrial and multi-family sectors. more

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The Economic Recovery: A Novel Perspective from Ed Leamer
March 6, 2013

Hoover Institution

UCLA Anderson Forecast Director Edward Leamer meets with the President and Minister of Finance of Chile
Economy and Business

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California High-Speed Rail and Economic Lessons from Japan

With eyes on the California High Speed Rail (CHSRL) as Governor Jerry Brown and the state legislature take up issuance of construction bonds approved by the voter passage of Proposition 1A of 2008, Nickelsburg and co-author Saurabh Ahluwalia evaluated similar rail development in Japan. Under “project vision and scope” on the CHSRL Authority website, three categories of benefits for the rail project are considered: economic, environmental and community. Nickelsburg and Ahluwalia focused only on the induced economic development benefits in an essay titled, “California High-Speed Rail and Economic Lessons from Japan.” read more

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California trade with Asia-Pacific Up
UCLA Anderson Forecast Director, Edward Leamer discusses Trade in an Interview with The California Report

Los Angeles, Mar. 30, 2011 - The story on trade in California is dramatically different from the rest of the nation. Nationwide, only 1 percent of companies export. California exporters shipped $11.7 billion worth of goods abroad in January alone, a number that hasn't been seen since 1987.

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