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  The First 5 LA/UCLA Anderson Forecast City Human Capital Index (CHCI) is an index to measure and understand the current state of human capital in each metropolitan area and each county across the nation. The CHCI is developed based mainly on the average education attainment of residents in each city. We use the data from the American Community Survey of the Census Bureau.

  October 2012 [Download PDF]
The Full Report
  October 2012 [Download PDF]
City Human Capital Index, (2006-2010), 942 metro areas and 3,138 counties in the U.S.
  October 2012 [Download Excel]
The Full Report: 2011 Update
  December 2012 [Download PDF]
City Human Capital Index, (2011), 519 metro areas and 810 counties in the U.S..
  December 2012 [Download Excel]
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