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Membership Benefits
Membership Levels
Why Join?
Objective Insights. Accurate Data. Networking Opportunities.
Membership Benefits (all levels)
Conference & Events
Admission to quarterly Los Angeles Forecast conferences; discounts on other regional events
Quarterly economic forecast reports for the national, state and local economies
Online Services
Access to our "Member Only" website with economic data and articles
The Forecast reports consist of national and state level data and written commentary including:
  • Forecast Summaries
  • Interest Rates
  • Real Estate Analysis
  • Government Revenues
  • Exports and Imports
  • Employment
  • Financial Activity
  • Demographics
  • Personal Income
  • Consumer Spending
Membership Levels
Seminar - $10,000
Attend the private forecast previews.
Priority access to our economists for consultations.
6 Admissions to each of the quarterly forecast conferences.
All benefits of Corporate 6 membership

Corporate 6 - $5,000
Private economic update by one of our economists.
6 Admissions to each of the quarterly forecast conferences.
All benefits of Corporate 4 membership

Corporate 4 - $3,000
Marketing opportunity in the Forecast Publication.
4 Admissions to each of the quarterly forecast conferences
All benefits of Corporate 3 membership
Corporate 3 - $2,500
Marketing opportunity in the Forecast Publication.
3 Admissions to each of the quarterly forecast conferences
All benefits of Individual membership

Individual - $1,500
Access to the December member's only conference.
One copy of Forecast publication per quarter.
Discount to regional conferences.
1 Admissions to each of the quarterly forecast conferences
Why Join?
As the country's leading independent economic forecast service, the Anderson Forecast provides key economic insights from objective leading economic researchers.

The UCLA Anderson Forecast has been producing economic outlooks for the nation for over 50 years, one of the longest running major economic forecasts in the nation. In addition to our national forecast, we also produce forecasts for the State of California as well as the Los Angeles and East Bay regions. We have a significant presence in the Southland, and release our forecasts at quarterly conferences that regularly attract 300 to 400 business leaders and government officials. In recent years, we have used our expertise to expand and offer forecasts and corresponding conferences in other regional markets, including Orange County and San Diego. We will continue to build further to include other regions in need of more in-depth objective analysis.


The UCLA Anderson Forecast is widely recognized for its ability to predict transition points in both the national and state economy. We were the first major forecasting organization to predict the 2001 recession. Our December 2000 Forecast identified the first signs of weakness in the national economy while other blue-chip forecasters continued to make rosy projections of 3% GDP growth. This foresight is not unusual: The UCLA Anderson Forecast also predicted the previous recession in the early 1990s, warning specifically about the potential for severe downturn in Southern California.


The UCLA Anderson Forecast provides much more than economic projections, We fully equip our audience with not only the "what" but the "why" by providing the underlying reasoning behind our forecas as well as the practical applications. Along with our quarterly economic forecasts, we also include a special topic each quarter, giving our audience a complete perspective on various issues affecting the economy. Past topics have included: Real Estate, Energy, Corporate Governance, the Healthcare Crisis, California Infrastructure and the Graying of America.
To sign up for membership, please download the membership brochure from the link above and fax back the application portion or call the UCLA Anderson Forecast office directly for more information.
For more information, please contact us:

UCLA Anderson Forecast
Phone: (310) 825-1623
Fax: (310) 206-9940
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