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Patricia Nomura
Associate Director
UCLA Anderson Forecast

UCLA Anderson School of Management
110 Westwood Plaza, Suite B-302
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1481
Office: (310) 206-1438
Fax: (310) 206-9940
Patricia Nomura has been with the UCLA Anderson Forecast since 1984. Currently, she holds two titles: Manager of Economic Research and Director of Publications. As Manager of Economic Research, she maintains all of the projectís databases, utilizing a variety of international, national and local sources of economic information. In her capacity as Director of Publications, she oversees all of the Forecastís external information sources, including the conference forecast book, the associated CD-ROM and the Anderson Forecast Internet website. In addition, Ms. Nomura is the primary author of the Anderson Forecast for Los Angeles County, available only to members of the exclusive L.A. Modeling Group. Ms. Nomura received a B.A. in Economics from UCLA in 1983.
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