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Solutions for Our City
Edward Leamer, UCLA Anderson Forecast
Broadening the Dialogue on Housing Affordability
Leticia Aguilar, Greater Los Angeles Market President, Bank of America
Tackling L.A.'s Affordable Housing Issue Requires Accountability, Certainty and Productivity
Colleen Badagliacco, President, California Association of Realtors
Real Estate CHallenges for a Racially Diverse Los Angeles
Philip S. Hart, Executive Director, Urban Land Institute Los Angeles
Solutions for our City's Affordable Housing Problem
Antonia Hernandez, President & CEO, California Comunity Foundation
Commitment to Volunteerism
Andrew K. Benton, President, Pepperdine University
Place-Based Initiatives Can Address Los Angeles' Challenges
Carmel Sella, Community Development Manager, Wells Fargo Bank, Los Angeles Metropolitan Region
The War on Graffiti Rages On: One City Fights it on Several Fronts!
Ken Striplin, Assistant City Manager and Rick Gould, Director, Parks, Recreation and Community Services, City of Santa Clarita
New Directions for Education
Terry A. Bonecutter, President and CEO, QueesnCare, Los Angeles
Solutions for Our City
Helen Han, Chief Executive Officer, National Association of Women Business Owners - Los Angeles
L.A.'s Perfect Storm for Educational Reform
Veronica Melvin, Executive Director, The Alliance for a better Community
Focus on middle School to Address Impending Workforce-Skills Gap
Bill Pitkin, Research Director, United Way of Greater Los Angeles
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Green Building is the Right Thing for Los Angeles
Peter Griffith, Vice Chair, Ernst & Young LLP
Adapting L.A. to Fight Climate Change and Protect it from Consequences
Andy Lipkis, Founder and President, TreePeople
By-Product Synergy and Greeen Brownfields for Greater Los Angeles
Andrew Mangan, Executive Director, US Business Council for Sustainable Development
2025 Los Angeles - A National Example of Sustainable Living
Chris Wolfe, President, Americans for Energy Independence, Studio City
Helping to Alleviate the Financial Strain of Angelenos
Bell Cheney, CEO, California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues
My Solution for Our City
Sheldon Cohn, CEO, Budget Finance Company
The Jobs, Housing and Education Puzzle
Philip S. Hart, Executive Director, Urban Land Institute (ULI) Los Angeles
Can California Sustain a Viable Middle Class?
Julia A. Stewart, President & CEO, IHOP Corporation
L.A. Ideas
Michael Storper, Preofessor, UCLA School of Public Affairs
Common Focus, Combines Efforts Are Necessary for Success in L.A.
Anthony Buzzelli, National Managing Partner, U.S, Regions & Markets, Deloitte & Touche USA LLP
Smaller is Better
Peter Gordon, Professor, University of Southern California
Systemic Problems Require Systemic Solutions
Blair H. Taylor, President and CEO, Los Angeles Urban League
The Business Perspective: LAX Modernization Grounded ByPolitical Will
Gary L. Toebben, President & CEO, Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce
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Improving the Healthcare Safety Net
Terry A. Bonecutter, President & CEO, QueensCare, Los Angeles
Utilizing City Land Use Strategies and City Policies to Address Threats to Public Health
E. Richard Brown, Director, UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, and Professor, UCLA School of Public Health
Use Local Government Leverage to Negotiate Lower Health Costs
Daniel J.B. Mitchell, Ho-Su Wu Professor, UCLA Anderson School of Management and UCLA School of Public Affairs
Creative Commerce: Los Angeles and the Cultural Economy
Elizabeth Currid, Assistant Professor, University of Southern California
Community-Based Participatory Sensing of Los Angeles Traffic Conditions
Jeff Burke, Deborah Estrin, Bill Kaiser, Greg Pottie, UCLA HS-SEAS, CENS
How to Improve Los Angeles? Fix the Traffic Problem!
Bob Combs, EMBA 2006, UCLA Anderson School of Management
Tinseltown Needs Freeways covered in Diamonds
Seth Jacobson, Executive Director, Green Coast Foundation
Transit-Oriented Development, a Smart Growth Strategy for Los Angeles
Nurit Katz, Director, UCLA Sustainable Resource Center
Using Walk-Zones to Solve Congestion and Improve Our Communities
Jonathan Sears, Partner, Cox, Castle & Nicholson LLP
Solutions for Easing the Traffic Congestion in Los Angeles
James C. Wisda, Senior Vice President, Business Development and Planning, Pardee Homes
Community-Wide Collaborations Benefit Our Kids!
Mayor Marsha McLean and Ken Pulskamp, City Manager, City of Santa Clarita
Child Care Support to the Working Poor
Michael Olenick, Ph.D., President & CEO, Child Care Resources Center
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